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Updated: Jan 2, 2021


What you’ll find on Rootz Paradise

Its liberating to feel comfortable in your own skin and I want you to feel the same way you do after a day at the spa: relaxed, inspired, at peace. Everyday.

Self Care

This website was created in efforts to document and share all my findings on all natural ways to body and mind positivity. Beginning the year 2021 with extreme gratitude for everything that I have in my life yet I can feel there is going to be more; a lot more. So let us take this journey together. Out the window with the “New Year New You.” mentality. We will be Building and Flourishing. Introducing Rootz Paradise maker of Bath oils, Scrubs, lotions and soaps for outer beauty. Candles, melts and diffusers to set the mood and healthy and delicious Smoothie and Juice cleanses paired with recipes for many health concerns and dietary needs. This is your one stop shop for ways to keep you balanced and aligned.

A few mindful micro changes can have a big out come on health and wellbeing. Here is a few of my simple favorites.

Crystals have become the new wave and I will admit to being confused by the hype but I was gifted one by a dear friend of mine and I have enjoyed “taking care of it” as I like to call it. The fact that I can feel the love and good intentions I put into it flowing back to me was truly unexpected. So find a crystal that resonates with you and your energies and try it out. Just to list a few that I have: Rough Amethyst, Clear Quartz caged in copper wire as a necklace and a loose Moon Stone.

Another way to I use to easily clear my mind is clearing and cleansing my space. Step in that closet and go through every piece of clothing old and new. "Am I still in love with the top from last summer?" "Really need to give this guy back his sweatshirt." Out with the old as they say. The clutter in your home is normally a reflection of how cluttered your mind has become. A way to sort through your mind is taking a quick visit down memory lane in your closet. Ask yourself if it brings you joy if not, why. Follow your intuition, never leads you wrong. I'm no expert but that's how I feel when I go through my things. To take it a step further I have been know in my family to rearrange all the furniture I own and throw a new color on the walls and once satisfied with my new vibe I open all my windows grab my trusty Palo Santo stick and smudge every corner while saying positive affirmations to each room in my house to negate any heavy energy lingering at home. Also the burning of dried Rosemary, cedar, Juniper and the different types of sage can be used with different intentions.

My go to is simple and I honestly do it everywhere. Breathing. I started practicing mindful breathing in hopes to help with my struggle with traditional meditation practices. I would be sitting somewhere like the bus and I would focus on my breathe and how it feels entering and leaving my body. From my head to my toes sending each breathe to different areas in my body. Another easy meditation place I like is while in the shower. Every time you take a shower imagine the soap and water washing away all your stress and anxiety. Concentrate on how the water feels on your skin and envision the water washing away your negative thoughts; sadness, anger, regret, fear, depression. Washing everything right down the drain. Can also run a self loving bath. Fill the tub with epson salt, rose petals Speaking positive affirmations to yourself is always the icing on the cake for me.

Lastly having a journal handy is always helpful. I have had one since the 7th grade. Just a way of telling my truth since talking about my feelings has been somewhat difficult for me over the years. Yet I find writing it down helps me process my life better and when I’m done I can let it go and not carry it everywhere like luggage. Learning how to process the emotion behind the choices made and how the outcome has affected yourself and ones around you is an Important part of understanding yourself and why you react the way you do in certain situations. The best part about going through the human experience is learning from your choices is how growth happens. So write down your truth, work through the emotion that gave you this outcome and learn from it, share the wisdom or just let it go.

Vibrate so much high that way.